Superfood Powder

superfood powder

Give your body the maximum nutritional value possible by taking superfood powders. The dehydration process used in these exceptional formulas preserves all the beneficial nutrition and bioavailable compounds of the vegetables, fruits, herbs, algae, or cyanobacteria (blue green algae).

It is difficult for most of us to get our daily recommended allowances of all the vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, and trace elements from our food alone.

Vegetable extracts or concentrates in the form of a powder allows us to vastly increase the amount of vegetables or equivalent servings of vegetables we get on a daily basis. It is possible to get the equivalent of dozens of servings of vegetables in a single glass this way instead of eating literally pounds of vegetables.

Green vegetable powder formulas are a great way to maximize your intake of these nutrient dense superfoods. Green juice concentrates often contain wheatgrass, barley grass, and other chlorophyll rich sources. Aloe vera juice is another rich source of beneficial nutrients.

There are excellent green drink superfood powder formulas to choose from on the market today.

Super Fruits

Superfruits are usually considered to be more exotic fruits generally. These fruits are just now being introduced or popularized in our Western culture, usually in the form of superfood powders.

Fruit such as the acai (pronounced “ah-sigh-ee) have a long and rich history in the tribal cultures of the Amazon rain forest. The benefits of this remarkable fruit are still being studied today. It is a fragile fruit so it is often powdered or frozen to maintain its peak freshness and bioactivity.

Mangosteen is a fruit from Indonesia that is rich in various phytochemicals. There is some evidence that it has disease fighting capabilities. It is commonly made into juice or concentrates. Fresh mangosteen is rare in North America.

Goji Berry is the super fruit from the Himalayas. It is also called wolfberry. It has noted antioxidant activity and other beneficial nutrients.

More local to North America, are the nutrient dense fruits we commonly know. Blueberries, blackberries, cherries, and black currant have demonstrated high antioxidant activity and phytonutrient content.

Learn more about the acai berry here.

Marine Superfoods

superfood powder

Most of us donʼt think of kelp as a superfood or even food at all - much less algae, bluegreen algae, spirulina, or chlorella. But the surprising truth is that these sources of nutrients are incredibly dense and bioavailable. It is no wonder then, that various forms of superfood powder supplements have been created from them. Consider them for additional sources of protein, chlorophyll, and essential and trace nutrients.


There is no way you can physically eat all the various fruits, vegetables, herbs, and algae necessary to get all the nutrients available in these foods. Nutritional powders and extracts are a great way to ingest these dense nutrients.

There are great formulas on the market that combine the best vegetables, fruits, and concentrated sources of marine phytonutrients.

Give your body the nutrients it needs. Go beyond the essential nutrients because some nutrients have not yet been isolated and identified by science but are vitally important. Explore the value of these excellent nutritional supplements.

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