Peak Mental Performance

peak mental performance

It is possible to maintain peak mental performance at any age. While it seems normal to lose some mental function over time it really doesnʼt need to be that way. Whole books and courses could be written about this topic. I will try to highlight just some of the key areas and concepts of this important area of study.

Better Memory Function

How to achieve better memory function is one aspect of peak mental performance. Memory skills can be developed at any age. It is possible to teach an old dog new tricks. Rid yourself of the idea that memory has to fade over time.

Play mental games occasionally that help you learn important new information. Keep mentally focused and challenged by doing crossword puzzles, reading, and staying involved in hobbies. Try some Mensa puzzles or brain teasers. Develop new interests. Make learning a habit.

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Thought Speed

Speed of thought is a concept that few people ever think about. Have you ever noticed how some people talk very slow or fast? It is the same with thought patterns as well. Faster and more efficient use of your brain is the key to better cognition. Pattern recognition is one way to increase your thought speed. Connect the dots quicker between facts and concepts. See the big picture and the little details. Recognize the forest and the trees. Be able to tell the difference.

Goal Setting

Setting goals is critical to a successful life. Goal setting requires clear thinking and focused thought. Keep a journal for your life goals. Keep track of your accomplishments to maintain motivation for future successes. Set a goal to challenge yourself mentally throughout your life. You will be surprised how much a regular habit of mental exercise helps you keep your mind young and your brain performing at its best.

Brainwave Machines

peak mental performance

The study of brainwaves is fascinating. Most people know about alpha waves and beta waves. But there are other brain waves such as delta, theta, and gamma waves. Distinct patterns of brainwaves have been shown to be associated with various states of mind and emotional experience.

Brainwave trainers or brainwave enhancement technology helps the brain learn to achieve these states of mind. There are numerous CDs on the market today that let the average person experience deep states of relaxation and mental focus just by listening to them. Sometimes called binaural training because the sounds produced are interpreted slightly differently by each ear which results in the change of brainwave pattern.

Biofeedback machines work in a similar fashion. These mental training devices teach the mind to achieve specific wave forms in the brain. Profound relaxation, mental clarity, and personal insights are common responses to these brainwave changes.

Meditation and Visualization

The benefits of meditation on peak mental performance have been known for millenia in the East and is now becoming more popular in the West. Long term meditators have experienced greater mental clarity as a result of their practice of meditation techniques.

There are countless ways to meditate. Some are rooted in spiritual traditions. Some are more focused on the practical benefits and outcomes possible. Visualization is one such way to meditate. Visualization is key to effective goal setting and is a great way to exercise the mind. Visualize yourself performing a new skill over and over. Watch how easily and effortlessly the new task becomes.

Speed Reading

Speed reading is one way to exercise the mind. Practice makes perfect as they say. Studies show that concentration improves as well as comprehension with regular reading and especially with speed reading as it requires greater mental focus.

Mental Fitness and Physical Fitness

peak mental performance

It should come as no surprise that mental health and fitness is directly related to physical health and fitness. Physical exercise helps keep your mind active and sharp. Make mental fitness as important in your life as physical fitness. Keep involved with activities and exercises that you enjoy. Expand your interests and stay active as part of your strategy to achieve peak mental performance.


What are nootropics? These are supplements for better brain function. They are a fairly recent development in nutritional engineering. Various substances have been proven to help brain functions by increasing the receptivity of the neurotransmitters.

Ginkgo Biloba with vinpocetine benefits mental acuity and function. Vinpocetine research has been going on in Europe for some time. Vinpocetine supplements and medicines have been prescribed for peak mental performance in Europe for years.

Increase your mental performance with some brain boosting supplements today. There are many excellent performance enhancing supplements available.

Future of Thought

The future of peak mental performance is wide open. Biochips connected to our nervous system will help us think faster, have access to incredible amounts of information, and help us effectively manage and use that much information. Imagine being able to speak in any language fluently without taking years to learn them.

Peak brainwave modulation will enable us to create new emotional states and peak experiences. Add in the prospect of nanotechnology and advanced virtual reality systems and you have a future that could not possibly have been dreamt of in all of history. Augmented human thought will probably be commonplace within 30 years if Kurzweilʼs prediction comes to pass.

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