Nutrients for Energy

Powerful energy formulas contain nutrients for energy.

Quick Energy Boost Dangers

nutrients for energy

Most of us rely too heavily on caffeine and sugar for a quick energy boost. This is a mistake over the long term because it can lead to obesity. Those already obese will find it very difficult to lose weight if they rely on these quick sugar and caffeine rushes.

This sugar rush and crash can lead to fast food cravings. Carbohydrate rich foods like processed fast foods often provide inferior nutritional value. Carbs also give a quick energy rush but can wreak havoc on blood sugar levels. It is no coincidence that all these are intimately connected.

Some of the energy drinks on the market today have the equivalent of a few cups of coffee. Caffeine is not necessarily the enemy but the amount of caffeine we use can have a negative impact on the body. The adrenal gland is put into overdrive and we are left feeling exhausted and listless.

Some energy drinks use guarana, ephedra, or other natural stimulants. In small doses, many of these natural stimulants have beneficial effects. In higher doses, these substances can be dangerous for some individuals. They can raise blood pressure and increase heart rates. Some reported cases of seizures can be attributed to overuse or overdose of these substances.

What Are Nutrients for Energy?

What are the best supplements for high energy? What are the best energy formulas?

The great news is that there are excellent natural ways to increase your energy levels. The energy we produce comes from within our cells. The mighty mitochondria are the powerhouses of our body. The mitochondria produce energy by manufacturing ATP or adenosine triphosphate. ATP is literally the fuel our body burns for energy.

The mitochondria produce abundant energy when we are young. Their ability to produce ATP declines as we age. Which is what we experience as declining energy levels over time.

The miracle of CoQ10, or ubiquinone. CoQ10 is an important nutrient for energy, a healthy heart and healthy cells. There are numerous studies of the many benefits of CoQ10. Mitochondria use CoQ10 in the production of energy. Like many beneficial biochemicals in our bodies, our supplies of CoQ10 diminish over time.

As our supply of CoQ10 dwindles, our cells can produce ADP or adenosine diphosphate. APD is not as powerful of a fuel as ATP. Use of ADP can slowly damage the mitochondria which can result in a feeling of lethargy or fatigue.

Research of CoQ10 has shown that supplementation with ubiquinone is remarkably beneficial. It not only increases energy and feelings of vitality. It has also shown to help protect the brain, the heart, and strengthen the immune system. CoQ10 is better absorbed when taken with a fat such as fish oil or fatty food such as salmon or olive oil.

So, clearly, any high quality energy supplement must contain the miraculous CoQ10 for its vital role in cellular energy production. It is THE nutrient for energy. nutrients-for-energy-2 Other key nutrients that show proven benefit are Rhodiola Rosea, Eleuthero extract, and Cordyceps. These are naturally derived from herbs and medicinal mushrooms and are considered to be adaptogens.

B vitamins are also important in any energy supplementation regimen. The B complex and vitamin C are both water soluble so the body only takes what it needs and eliminates the rest.

Do your body right. Take some CoQ10 and feel the benefits!

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Does Your CoQ10 Really Work?

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