by Ryan Critchett
(Easton Pa)

This is great! It's great because of the intention. I love the idea of ANYTHING helping peak brain performance. I've found, however, that the most effective way (in my opinion, and belief, who knows what's really fact) to induce peak mental states is to train specific parts of the brain with thought and behavior induced strategies.

I personally wouldn't upgrade myself with technology specifically because it would demand less of my ability to induce peak emotional biochemical states, which I believe would start to deteriorate or lessen that ability, based on the use it or lose it principle.

Not many people, that I HAVE EVER MET IN MY LIFE, talk about inducing peak brain states by thinking certain things, training your brain with certain behavior induced tools and strategies, as well as using your physiology as a key player, but that has become my life.

Immersion and passion is key for any human being to reach breakthroughs. Since this is my passion, and I continue to consciously immerse myself in it, I've made these kinds of breakthroughs.

I'm not saying this is a bad thing (technology to upgrade yourself) at all, in fact I think it's pretty cool. I'm highly suggestible, because I know that there is one thing we can definitely be sure about, and that is that none of us know what's really possible, even though neuroscience tries to make definitive claims on restrictions of the brain. But, it seems the need to fit in and be inside the box is a need that stops people from moving out of it. Paradigms always take time to shift, and any intelligent neuroscientist knows that. SO, that kind of technology could, and probably would be great! I just would prefer to build up the grey matter behind my eyes responsible for having a sight and command of the firing of neurons in my nervous system.

I believe we have tremendously more POWER to induce striking and permanent changes in the brain than we've ever been led to believe, or known scientifically. We're in the place right now, where we're starting to find these things out. All of the sudden, the West is interested in the kinds of amazing results you get from meditation, even though the East has been doing it for centuries. Now, we're realizing that there is something about the ability to command and control your brain, that influences and promotes better health, more definitively controlled and positive emotional biochemical statuses, and total optimal performance in life.

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Nov 25, 2010
Live an expansive life
by: Matthew

Thank you so much for your comments and contribution to this topic. I agree with you that effort should be made to improve ourselves and that the "use it or lose it" philosophy is critical to our survival and success in life.

I am, however, excited by the inevitable possibility that we can vastly improve and enhance our capabilities in the near future by various means.

Machines learn and can pass those learnings on to other machines at incredibly fast speeds. Humans currently lack that capability. Peter Diamandis of the X-Prize has commented in a few lectures that it would be an incredible leap for humanity when we can exchange ideas and knowledge as fast as computers.

The possible areas we can pursue for vast intellectual enhancements are many.

We can pursue enhanced brain nutrients, possible internal implants with internet and cloud computing technologies, external devices that are easily worn that modify peak brain wave functions, chemicals that specifically enhance various functions or experiences (I know this area can be controversial but should be explored in my opinion), meditation practices, and much more.

I put this out there. We must pursue a course of radical self improvement to not only live better lives but to experience life in a richer, more expansive and complete sense. I have to believe that we must be explorers in this expansion. Society limits us to "accepting" our fate. This is nonsense. A great and vast future is possible. We must at least reach for it for the sake of our own experience and for those that may follow us.

Be happy and live well.

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