by Abby

The human body already lives longer than it did 100 years ago.

Especially since we ingest or absorb 2 times the amount of formaldehyde. Bill Nye the Science Guy did a show on Planet Green about the effects of formaldehyde and found that when we do pass, the embalming process uses 50% less formaldehyde then when originally used 100 years ago.

So, the idea of living longer is possible, but at what cost? We continually eat unhealthy, subject ourselves to many chemicals, and think that living longer is better for us, then that would depend on the individual.

If I could be extremely healthy and be alive in my hundreds then, that would be great.

But, can I do the same things that I could when I was 30, 20? Probably not. Would I still have a job so I could do all that I wanted and see what I could? I ask these questions because these are things that need to be asked if, science wants people to try and live longer, because in the end was it worth it?

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