Healthy Snack Ideas

Optimal Nutrition on the Run

healthy snack ideas

We all need healthy snack ideas. With our hectic lifestyle it can be very difficult to maintain optimum nutrition. Snacking on the wrong foods can lead to obesity. Most of the snack food sold today is loaded with bad fats and high amounts of sugar.

Most of us are too busy to eat a healthy breakfast. We donʼt get enough sleep so we wait to the last minute to get out of bed and out the door to work or school.

Pounding down a couple cups of coffee with cream and sugar first thing in morning is a common ritual for many adults. Starbucks coffee and a donut give a quick burst of sugar energy but leave you crashing all too soon.

Is it possible to get optimal nutrition on the run?

Yes, we can. A little planning and some good healthy snack ideas can give you quick meals or snacks that provide the necessary nutritional boost to keep you going all day long.

Healthy Snack Ideas


When we think of healthy snack ideas, some may think of protein bars or protein shakes as something just for those body builders or dedicated to their exercise routines. The fact is, protein is an excellent form of nutrition that gives you mental clarity and physical stamina to last the whole day through.

Protein bars are easy to take with you anywhere. You can't be too busy to grab an energy bar or two on your way out the door in the morning. Todayʼs healthy energy bars are tasty and full of the nutrition you need to stay at the top of your game.

Protein shakes or smoothies are nutrient dense food sources. They can be a great meal replacement if you donʼt have enough time for a full meal. If you have to work long hours at your desk, consider a quick protein shake. It takes just a minute to mix it up at your desk. Reusable shake containers have been specifically designed for our fast lifestyle. Protein shakes can come in individual packets for single servings.

Some energy bars are now uniquely designed as a quick meal replacement. The formulas are full of complete proteins, vitamins, essential nutrients, and fiber. Fiber helps your stomach feel good as well as help regulate or stabilize your blood sugar levels. The proteins and essential nutrients keep your energy levels high and maintain your ability to focus and concentrate on the tasks in front of you.

Stop Skipping Meals

With the many options available to us we have no excuse not to get the best possible nutrition throughout the day. So stop skipping meals.

The healthy snacks that I have described fit neatly into the longevity lifestyle. Getting optimal nutrition has anti-aging benefits. In addition to the time saved by occasionallyreplacing a meal or two with a nutrient dense protein bar or shake, you keep your physical energy high and your mental abilities at their sharpest.

Of course, there are many excellent snack bars and meal replacement bars on the market. Stroll through the energy bar aisle at your local health food store. Try a few and see what you like. Make a commitment now to stop skipping meals. Do your body and mind a favor.

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