Finding Happiness Within Yourself Is The Best Way To Stay Young

by Adele

Observe people who are bogged down with worries, are unhappy with the world around them, have deep lines on their faces and resent just about everyone who is better off than they are.

This fact contributes as much as anything else to ageing prematurely. You can see a 40 year old woman or man who look about sixty. Equally you can see 60 year old people who look more like forty.

People often simply get sucked into the daily grind of working and existing rather than living and whether happy or unhappy, they forget to smile. A smile makes everyting look different. It opens people up and encourages communication. Smiling sends a message to the brain and get the serotonin (happy hormone), to work.

Short of having bad health, nothing in the world can be so bad that we have to go about our day with a perma scowl.

Disasters and tragedies happen in everybody's life at some stage but they pass.

There should be a "simle more campaign".

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