The Importance of Colon Health

colon health

Colon health is critical for our overall health. A healthy colon eliminates toxins from the body and absorbs the nutrients in the food that we eat. There are foods that promote colon health such as yogurt or kefir. These contain active cultures that benefit the intestinal flora. Probiotics help the good bacteria in your gut stay dominant over bad bacteria that can cause illness and distress to the system.

Colon cleansing can help rid the body of toxic material that builds up in our intestines. There many excellent formulas to choose from on the market today. Cleansing formulas contain herbs and supplements that bind to toxins in the body. Fiber in these formulas and in our diet push these toxins through the intestines.

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Detox Your Body

Our environment is toxic. Our food sources are toxic. Our water supplies are toxic. No wonder that our bodies are full of chemicals and substances that our ancestors never had to deal with or experience.

One proven method for removing toxins in the body is by fasting. Fasting has been a part of spiritual traditions for as long as there has been written language. Modern science has proven the benefits of fasting on colon health and many other areas.

There are many ways to approach fasting. It is not necessary to completely stop eating for days at a time. Any fast of that magnitude should be monitored by a competent doctor.
colon health diet Instead of the long fasts, consider juice fasting or juice feasting as some call it. Juices are easy for the body to digest. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are full of nutrients, perfect for a colon health diet. Easier assimilation of nutrients allow the body to focus its energy on removing toxins from the organs and tissues. There are excellent sources of material on how to fast effectively and the various forms of fasting.

Be sure to get enough fiber in your diet. Fiber is important in your regular diet and also definitely important while fasting. If fiber has not been a part of your normal food intake, start slowly to avoid bloating and discomfort.

Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy has been known to save lives by quickly removing toxic chemicals from the body. Heavy metal poisoning can be fatal. Effective chelation therapy can remove these toxic heavy metals from the body in a safe way.

EDTA chelation therapy has been shown to be effective at removing excessive plaque from arteries. Expensive heart surgeries might be prevented by using these chelation techniques. Modified citrus pectin is a key element to this therapy. Remove the toxic chemicals from your body. Remove the plaque from your arteries and veins. Check out this effective technique and add it to your anti aging strategy today.

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