Better Sex at Any Age

Warning: This page contains adult themes. Please do not read unless you are an intelligent, mature adult who wants a better sex life and improved sexual health.

Great Sex, Playful Romance

better sex

One of the true joys of being alive is having a healthy romantic relationship. Great sex does not have to fade over time. Better romance at any age is possible. The phenomenal success of Viagra shows how important sexual relationships are to healthy adults. Some male enhancement drugs do have potentially serious side effects.

Fortunately, there are excellent natural libido enhancement supplements available. The naturally occurring amino acid l-arginine improves blood flow. It breaks down in the bloodstream into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps dilate your blood vessels. Better blood flow creates firmer and longer lasting erections. This biochemical reaction is what makes l-arginine an important male libido enhancing supplement.

L-arginine also helps increase muscle strength and lean muscle mass. It also has been shown to beneficial to heart health because of the blood vessel dilation effect. Your heart is a muscle too of course so a strong heart is a healthy heart. There are supplements available but you can also find good food sources of l-arginine in fish, chicken, red meat, beans, nuts, and even chocolate.

Sexual Health For Women

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There are natural female libido enhancement products on the market as well. Larginine is important for women too because it strengthens the heart and helps blood flow. Damiana, Maca root, and Horny Goat weed extract help heighten womenʼs sexual experience. Dr. Sears has developed an excellent formula for better sex called Sensuality. Check it out at the here.

Prostate Health

"An orgasm a day keeps the (prostate) doctor away."

Maybe our society is too polite for such a recommendation but so be it. Your sexual health depends on it. For men, it is very important to empty the prostate gland regularly. Prostate issues affect far too many men in most countries. It does not have to be this way though.

The importance of prostate health should not be understated. Prostate massage is one way to keep your prostate gland healthy. You could see a doctor to do that. You could do it yourself or with a partner. There are doctor designed prostate massage equipment on the market as well. At a minimum though, regular orgasms keep your prostate healthy. What better way to feel good and stay healthy?

Sex Hormones

Hormone levels decline with age but there are natural ways to increase them. Exercise has been shown to be an effective way to naturally regulate hormones. Natural herbal supplements can also enhance testosterone levels. Too much estrogen can be harmful to men. It can make muscles flabby and lead to weight gain. Testosterone is important for women too. Check with your doctor to evaluate your hormone levels. Ideal hormone levels are the key to better sexual health at any age.

Men should check out Natural T and Estrocleanse. These two powerful formulations increase testosterone levels and decrease estrogen levels in the body. Kick your sex drive up a few notches. Try these today.

Better Sex With Videos, Sex Toys, And Sex Furniture

better sex

Sex toys can increase the pleasure of both partners in a relationship. Mind blowing orgasms should be part of any romantic relationship. Vibrators and other sex toys should be playfully explored to enhance the sexual experience. Use together or alone.

Sex toys are not just for women either. Sex toys for men is an expanding market. Pun intended. Some of the best selling sex toys are for men. Male sex toys can actually help men become better lovers by letting them gain better orgasmic control. Men can better identify their trigger point and learn to relax to regain control. This increased ability to delay ejaculation can lead to longer sexual experiences with your lover.

Women generally need more time to reach orgasm. To the men out there - become a better lover today by learning to delay your orgasm. It will be more fun and more pleasurable for both partners.

Heighten the sexual response with erotic furniture. Specifically designed for sex, erotic furniture allows greater comfort for numerous sexual positions that would be difficult on their own. Kama Sutra anyone?

Watching erotic movies together can set the mood. Many adult movies are too centered on the men just getting off but there are some movies where the womanʼs pleasure is important. Who knows? You might learn some new techniques or see some positionyou might like to try.

If these things are not for you, that is fine. Just consider ways to be more playful, more joyful, more romantic. Take romantic vacations. Plan time for each other.

Better relationships and better sex at any age is possible with an open mind and a playful heart. Plan for some peak experiences in your life!

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better sex

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