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anti aging vitamins

There are many key anti aging vitamins and supplements to consider when formulating a longevity regimen. What are the best anti-aging nutrients? Are nutrients in foods sufficient for our needs? Are there advanced nutrients we need to include in an effective life extension protocol?

A useful way to approach this process is to consider various strategies as being basic, moderate, or aggressive.

The basic approach would include those substances absolutely necessary for a healthy life. You could look at this level as being the optimal daily nutrition. Even at this level antioxidant anti aging substances are necessary.

The moderate strategy would add a few more key elements to the regular vitamin regimen. The aggressive strategy would push the limits on the most essential nutrients, vitamins, and supplements as well as adding various anti aging vitamins and supplements that are showing promise and benefits but not yet confirmed by research.

These three strategies are described in further detail in the book "Transcend - Nine Steps to Living Well Forever" by Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman. I highly recommend it as well as their first book together "Fantastic Voyage". I also encourage those interested in the acceleration of technology and science (and how they relate to life extension) to read Kurzweilʼs previous books, "The Singularity is Near" and "The Age of Spiritual Machines".

Nutritional supplementation can help optimize your biochemistry and as a result can optimize your health. There is a glut of sometimes confusing information on nutritional supplements. Guidelines set by the government are often way too low for some key elements and may completely overlook vital nutrients that have significant benefits.

Consider the basic strategy for vitamin supplementation. This suggests that we must, at a minimum, get a good multiple vitamin / mineral formula as well as fish oil for the omega 3 fatty acids and extra vitamin D.

Some studies show that almost 90 percent of Americans do not get adequate amounts of one or more vitamins or minerals so a good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement is critical. The body will absorb and use what it needs and discard the rest.

Vitamins that must be included in a multiple formula are vitamin A and beta-carotene, all the B vitamins, C, D, E, and at least the top 14 essential minerals.

Moderate and aggressive strategies include the addition of supplements such as:

Co-enzyme Q10 (also called ubiquinone in its active form) which is needed for energy production in the cells.

Grape seed extract which has high amounts of proanthocyanidins, a very powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger.

ALA or alpha lipoic acid, another free radical scavenger, resveratrol. Acetyl L-Carnitine - this powerhouse helps burn the fat within our cells and helps enhance brain activity.

Acetyl glutathione is one of the more important discoveries in the last few years. It is an antioxidant and also helps remove toxic heavy metals, improves liver and lung functions, improves immunity, and can help repair damaged tissues.
anti aging vitamins Another crucial substance to consider taking is PC or phosphatidylcholine. This is found in every single cell of our body. This amazing chemical allows nutrients into our cells, helps remove toxins, and supports the cell structure. As youth, we have PC in high concentrations within our cells. As we age, this diminishes to less than 10 percent in the elderly. Take some PC and help your skin and organs stay functioning properly.

For an excellent source for these critical anti aging vitamins, supplements, and minerals please check American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine certified Dr. Al Sears' private label products.

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