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So what are the best anti aging therapies out there today? There are many anti aging treatments to consider. There is enough evidence to support taking supplements for life extension. I have detailed these anti-aging vitamins and supplements on another page. Be sure to include these in your life extension strategy.

Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone or HgH has been a focus of some anti aging research. Levels of HgH decline as we age. HgH is produced in the pituitary gland. This hormone helps regulate other hormones in ideal ratios. Studies show incredible results so far. Signs ofage reversal are clear. Muscle tone improves. Energy levels rise. The age reversing benefits seem very promising.

There are some clinics that provide HgH injections as a part of their anti aging therapy. There has been some controversy regarding HgH treatments so be sure to discuss this with your doctor or anti aging specialist. This controversy is generally related to those who might abuse this substance as well as concern for possible long term effects.

There are other ways to increase HgH in the body. There are supplements that are considered to be precursors to HgH which when taken might encourage the body to produce more HgH on its own. Critics of these supplements suggest the data supporting their use is not yet proven to work. To be sure though, hormone regulation or enhancement must be part of your strategy.

Adult Human Stem Cell Therapies

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In the book "Transcend" by Kurzweil and Grossman, they discuss the importance of collecting vials of your own adult human stem cells for use in later life as the basis for advanced stem cell therapies. Imagine using your own cells to create medicines to fight diseases in your own body. The future of human adult stem cell therapy is unlimited.

Companies like BioStem provide services today to collect and store your adult stem cells. Some might think this is too much like science fiction but it is rooted in real science. The biotechnology advances being made today are pointing the way to the bright future of personalized medicine. The key to extending your life and your health is in your own cells.

Radical Life Extension Therapies

What will ultimately let us live hundreds of years in perfect health? Will there be one major breakthrough or many? My best guess is that we will see countless advances over the next few decades. In just a few hundred years in may well be unthinkable that we only had 70 or 80 years in the average human lifespan.

Caloric restriction in its purest sense is considered to be a radical life extension strategy. CRON or caloric restriction with optimal nutrition has been shown to dramatically increase the lifespan of various animals in a laboratory setting. Whether or not this translates into human physiology with the same benefits remains to be seen. For those seeking more information about this strategy please see the Caloric Restriction Society website at

Fortunately for those of us who love to eat great food there are alternatives to caloric restriction being developed. The biochemical mechanisms involved in caloric restriction are being studied. Studies are showing that the beneficial results from CR can be achieved by various methods and supplements.

Resveratrol and drugs developed from it are showing promise as anti aging therapies. These are being called caloric restriction mimetics. Periodic fasting may also achieve similar results. The benefits of fasting are well documented.

There are a number of experimental therapies being developed by some dedicated scientists and life extension enthusiasts. Some of these still in the conceptual stage but others are farther along.

Keeping your telomeres at an optimum length may be one way to live past 100 years of age. TA-65 is a substance that is designed to do just that. TA-65 therapy or TA-65 telomerase as it is known might keep your cells youthful indefinitely. Other causes of aging and disease need to be addressed but focusing on the health of each cell is a promising avenue of research.

Those interested in more info can search for telomerase therapy or TA-65 supplements. One company providing this service is:

The Future of Life Extension Therapies

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Who knows what exciting scientific discoveries might take place in the next 100 years. But what we do know is that people will try to live longer and healthier. The future of anti aging medicine might include cord blood treatments that will enhance the delta factor in older adults. The delta factor has been shown to help older mice heal as quickly as a younger mouse when given some of the younger mouseʼs blood.

Tissue regeneration and organ cloning might play a large role in living longer lives. Nanotech and biotechnology will explore this area of research with the aim of developing anti aging therapies. Rebuilding and rejuvenating the body from within is definitely a strategy worth pursuing. I will expand this topic of using nanotechnology to rejuvenate our bodies and minds in a later article.

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