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anti aging research

Exciting anti aging research is being done throughout the world to help us live longer and healthier lives. Some such research focuses on reversing aging or slowing the aging process in our bodies.

Other anti aging research is intensely focused on specific theories of aging and constructing or designing ways to counteract the known effects of aging based on those individual theories. There are many theories of aging. I will detail the best known theories and the current strategies for effectively fighting the aging and disease processes throughout this site.

Some Important Areas of Research:

Tissue Regeneration and Organ Cloning

This area of biotechnology is focusing on how to repair damaged tissues and exploring the possibility of cloning new organs from our own DNA. Organs grown from our own tissue would be easily accepted by the body. This would eliminate the need for the patient to take organ rejection medication for the rest of their lives. Advanced tissue regeneration technology may enable us to repair and revitalize any tissue or organ system within the body.

Human Adult Stem Cells

anti aging research

What is stem cell research? Stem cells are often called pluripotent cells meaning that they can change into any cell type in the body. The advantage of stem cell research is exploring the potential of these cells to create revolutionary therapies and treatments.

Stem cell research has a negative image generally here in the United States. The disadvantages of stem cell research are mostly political. This is because of embryonic stem cell research. This is very unfortunate because the potential for radical stem cell treatments is virtually unlimited. Countless diseases could be cured within a few decades if this research could continue. The good news is that embryonic stem cells may not be needed for developing cutting edge treatments.

Some breakthroughs have been made in using human adult stem cells (usually taken from the skin). One of the most commonly overlooked stem cell facts is that we have stem cells all of our lives. However, these cells do age as do other cells. One companycalled BioStem specializes in collecting and storing human adult cells for possible use later in the clientʼs life as a stem cell treatment. Imagine future medicine being made from your own DNA by storing a few vials of your own stem cells for later use.

Another exciting anti aging research area involves cord blood stem cell therapy. These cells are taken from the umbilical cord. Parents now have the choice to save their babyʼs cord blood stem cells. Those stem cells may save their life in the future or help them live longer and healthier lives.

Telomeres and Aging

Telomeres are part of the connecting tissue within each living cell. These strands get shorter with each cell division. Leonard Hayflick studied this phenomenon. The Hayflick Limit now refers to the concept that each cell has a certain limited number of cell divisions before the cell dies. Telomerase is an enzyme that protects the length of the telomere. Could more telomerase in our cells help us live longer?

Current telomerase research is being conducted to see if cell division capability can be maintained resulting in a longer human lifespan. Fascinating studies have been done with nematodes. C. Elegans has been shown to live longer lives by gene therapy. Telomere research may also help in tissue engineering since it helps regulate cell division.

Dr. Dean Ornish of the Preventative Medicine Research Institute in California did a small study on how simple lifestyle changes may affect the bodyʼs ability to generate more telomerase. The study involved optimal nutrition, exercise, and relaxation. Theresults were positive and suggest that adopting a more active lifestyle increases telomerase levels.

Longevity Lifestyle Strategies

This a broad area of anti aging research that includes life extension supplements, anti-aging drugs, and anti-aging therapies. Simple lifestyle changes, as Dr. Ornish suggests in his study, must focus on getting optimal levels of nutrition, plenty of regular exercise, and deep relaxation. More on these topics throughout this site.

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