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Staying healthy is cheaper, population growth will slow by 2050. i want to live a longer healthier life

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I think we are shortsighted when we imagine the types of human enhancement that will be developed. Most discussion is in regards to techmology to replace

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Finding Happiness Within Yourself Is The Best Way To Stay Young

Observe people who are bogged down with worries, are unhappy with the world around them, have deep lines on their faces and resent just about everyone

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Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Anti Aging Skin Care Products - The best anti aging creams on the market today contain key ingredients. These include retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids, hylauronic acid, phospholipids & neuropeptides.

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yes i would, if it is safe

i would upgrade my miserable body, it needs an upgrade, to superhuman levels. to be able to run at incredible velocities, have the ability of god level

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Growing New Organs

Visions of a future where you could just order new organ and then have it grown for you ready to implant have long been the stuff of science fiction.

That future is here. Right now in a lab near you are high tech machines that can literally "print" new organs. (Well, maybe not just yet but very soon.)

Check out this link to see an organ being grown in a 3-D printer:

The future is coming fast!

Anti Aging Discoveries News

Anti aging discoveries news - Latest research news in life extension

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Anti Aging Discoveries

Anti Aging Discoveries - Welcome to the Future of Anti Aging! Here we explore the newest technological and medical innovations in the fields of life extension, longevity & achieving immortality.

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Anti Aging Doctors and Clinics

Anti Aging Doctors and Clinics - with Baby Boomers retiring or near retiring, people are choosing to see doctors who specialize in anti-aging treatments & regenerative medicine to live better longer.

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Anti Aging Discoveries Forum

Anti aging discoveries forum - Discuss Life Extension Topics

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To the Hayflick Limit and Beyond!

Ok, first I have to apologize to Dr. Leonard Hayflick and to Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story fame. (Those of you who have children or young of heart would

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The Methuselarity

The Singularity versus The Methuselarity

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This is great! It's great because of the intention. I love the idea of ANYTHING helping peak brain performance. I've found, however, that the most effective

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The Methuselarity Is Near

One of my favorite life extension researchers, Aubrey de Grey, has coined the word "Methuselarity" to describe the point in time when humans have the ability to radically extend their lives. Methuselah was a man who lived almost a thousand years according to ancient texts.

Some scientists believe that technological progress is accelerating so fast that aging itself should be defeated within the century. What would you do with a few more healthy and vibrant decades or centuries?


The human body already lives longer than it did 100 years ago. Especially since we ingest or absorb 2 times the amount of formaldehyde. Bill Nye the

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Improving Longevity and Health with Technology

The whole idea sounds so much like science-fiction, but with the speed that technology is advancing, I can clearly see this happening. My first thought

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Peak Mental Performance

Peak Mental Performance - It is possible to maintain peak mental functioning at any age. health and fitness articles, increase mental performance, brain booster

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Medical Travel

Medical Tourism and Travel, Anti-Aging Therapies

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Death Sucks

Choose to live longer and healthier lives

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Cyborgs and Human Enhancement

The next evolution of humankind?

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Self Actualization and Happiness

Live the best possible life. Be Happy!

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Antioxidants and Free Radicals

Antioxidants and Free Radicals - What are antioxidants? How do they work? A discussion of the benefits of anitoxidants in anti aging therapy.

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Superfood Powder

Superfood Powder - Give your body the maximum nutritional value possible by taking super food powders. The dehydration process used in these exceptional formulas preserves all the beneficial nutrition

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Reverse Heart Disease

Reverse Heart Disease - how to prevent heart disease and how to strengthen your heart. Heart healthy supplements like l-arginine, l-carnitine, CoQ10, essential fatty acids, astaxanthin, uncaria 6 ...

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Anti Aging Foods for Optimal Nutrition

Anti Aging Foods for Optimal Nutrition -

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Nutrients for Energy

Nutrients for Energy - Most of us rely too heavily on caffeine and sugar for a quick energy boost. Learn the best supplements for high energy & the best energy formulas. Advanced anti aging nutrients.

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Healthy Snack Ideas

Healthy Snack Ideas - With our hectic lifestyle it can be very difficult to maintain optimum nutrition. Snacking on the wrong foods can lead to obesity.

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Brain Boosters - How to boost your brain power

Brain Boosters - How can you improve your mental abilities? Are there natural supplements that can improve your mental performance? Can you really take smart drugs and become smarter? Yes.

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Natural Antidepressants

Natural Antidepressants - Learn natural ways to combat depression and support a healthy mood. Natural mood enhancement, mood stabilizers, L-theanine, green tea, SAMe, natural relaxation supplements...

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