The Best Anti Aging Advice

anti aging advice

So what is the best life extending advice out there?

The top steps to a longer, healthier, and happier life are mostly common sense. At the core is getting the best nutrition possible, exercise and stretch regularly, have purpose and passion for living, get sufficient sleep and relaxation.

Summary of Anti-Aging Actions to Take Now

Adopt the longevity mentality. Live as if you need to protect and nurture your body, mind and spirit for 120 plus years. This is a subtle but profound shift in the way mostpeople live their lives. The mental attitude and outlook change in positive ways. Focus on living well. Expect to be healthy throughout life and through your Golden Years. Accidents and diseases are still possibilities but you will be better equipped to handle them if they arise.

Assess your current health. Take an honest look at where you are now. See your doctor for regular checkups. Or even better see an anti-aging doctor or specialist. Work with them to get a plan of action in place to improve and extend your health.

Relax deeply and regularly. It cannot be stated often enough that we need to reduce stress in our lives. "Good stress" keeps us motivated and alive. Bad stress, however, produces cortisol which ages and wears down the body over long periods of exposure. At the very least, most of us need to learn to more effectively handle stress. Yoga and meditation are excellent ways to relax and rejuvenate the body and mind.

anti aging advice Detoxify your body. Floss! There is plenty of clinical evidence that dental health is connected to the health of your whole body, especially the cardiovascular system. Drink enough water. Are drinking good quality water? Get a good water filter for your home and stay hydrated. Consider seasonal juice cleanses or fasts. Colon cleanses can effectively eliminate toxins from the body.

Detoxify your mind. This might come as a surprise to some but your mental clutter can affect your health and happiness. Recognize negative thoughts and gently release them. Your mood and experience of life may improve as a result. Be gentle with yourself. Chances are high that you are your own worst critic at least in your own head. Give yourself a break. Strive to be a better person and the whole world benefits.

Detoxify your life. Do you have toxic relationships at home or at work? Consider ways to reduce the negative impacts or get out of the situation altogether. Change the way you interact and you may find social situations improving.

Optimize your nutrition. Eat the rainbow. By that I mean eat a variety of colorful vegetables and fruits. Nature has packed these with vital nutrients. Get enough proteinto maintain a good body weight, muscle tone and strength.

Take supplements that support anti aging and health. Check out your local health food store or vitamin shop. Or see the excellent private label of supplements by Dr. Al Sears.

Stretch and exercise regularly for health and vitality. There are many ways to stay active throughout your life. Don't have time for the gym? Get an exercise machine for your home. Walk daily. Do anything that interests you and keeps you moving!

Pay attention to developments in anti-aging therapies and strategies. Science and technology continue to advance. New life extension therapies are constantly improving and are slowly being made available to the public. Watch my site for updates on publicly available anti aging therapies.

Challenge yourself mentally. Keep your mind young and flexible. Be creative. Have purpose. Expand your interests. Value your time and life. Have peak experiences. Travel and see the world. Experience different cultures and expand your horizons. Who knows? You just might find your slice of paradise.

Investing and financial planning for a much longer life. With smart financial planning the prospect of living to 120 years or more will be far more enjoyable. Investing in diversified ways can give you growing wealth and income for life. Get some of your money into other strong currencies for greater asset protection.

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