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3-D Organ Printing Now a Reality
March 19, 2011

Need A New Organ?

It has always been a dream of science fiction writers and futurists to be able to replace any organs in the body with brand new ones ready and waiting as needed.

Years away? Think again.

They are here now in a lab near you.

(Well, not just yet but they are coming soon and faster than most people think.)

A state-of-the-art lab run by Anthony Atala is now growing human organs - everything from bladders, blood vessels, to muscle groups and more.

I have been watching the acceleration of biotechnology with fascination and hope.

In the link below is a clip of Anthony Atala and his team of bio-engineers showing off their high tech equipment, including a machine that literally "prints" a new organ.

The Future is Coming Fast!

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Be well. Live long. Be happy.



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